Single and Double Girder Gantry/Goliath Cranes are very versatile cranes and are used mainly for activities in steel stockyards, pre-cast segment yards and other outdoor applications. These are self-propelled cranes running on rails installed at the ground level. TechnoAce manufactures these cranes in Single Girder or Double Girder options depending on requirements of SWL, speeds, heights of lift and other characteristics. Hoisting for these cranes is through standard electric wire rope hoist for a single girder configuration. For double girder gantry cranes, the hoisting can either incorporate standard crabs (up to a SWL of 100MT) or fully customized open winch type crabs up to 400MT. Double Girder Cranes can be given for a very large range of spans, a large range of heights of lift as well as a large range of speeds. Double Girder Cranes can have only a main hoist or a combination of a main hoist as well as auxiliary hoists (useful especially for load tilting). Double Girder and Single Girder Cranes can also be provided with multiple hoisting trolleys running on the same bridge. Precise control of the up/down motion and/or travel motion can be achieved by fitting Variable Frequency Drives in the panels.

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